Sunday, October 29, 2006

Digital Menu Boards

One of the challenges with Saucy was that we wanted to try digital point of purchase displays, partly to be hip, but it also makes a lot of sense as there is no corporate office sending them updated food photography and promotions. It's very expensive for single stores to get good looking posters and back-lit displays designed and printed. It's pretty likely they'll order an extra case of fries rather than a new promotional display.

With digital displays, we can update the board from 100 miles away with the latest food photos and ideas. They're regular ol' LCD computer monitors chopped-up and mounted to the back of the menu board with cables running to a regular ol' PC with multiple video cards. The application that runs the monitors and all of the videos were created with Flash. It works really well and they can still use the computer for general office stuff. It's certain that eventually all franchises will use this gives the head office great control over the brand. If you have restaurant and found this post because you googled "digital menu boards," we can help you out. :)

Here's a work in progress. Vinyl will be added:

Everyone went nuts creating fun are a few:


Dodd said...

That last animation threw me off my apetite a little bit. Neat stuff! You guys should post an address.

Cedric said...

Wow, this is a super cool concept. Terrific work!