Thursday, October 26, 2006

King Of All Pizzas

Here is a look at our MITM Gorilla pizza boxes fresh off the press. They're used to deliver a two and a half foot pizza by a guy in a gorilla suit. (not shown) If you're in Eau Claire, Wisconsin...have a party tonight. If you're not..start a franchise!

Here they are First Amendment print shop:

The positives used to burn screens.

Wes lining everything up.

The burned screen on the press...ready for ink.


danno said...

and what does some poor schlub get paid hourly to deliver pizza in a gorilla suit?

and how much are they re-imbursed on their psychiatric bills?

Shad's Mom said...

Do gorilla's get good gas milage?

BlogFoot said...

Nice work!

Matt Schuster said...

That box made me laugh out loud. You rule.

Dodd said...

You guys should screen print a banner for the office - that's awesome.

Shad Petosky said...

They printed a couple on wood for us to hang up in the office.

Danno..I'm not sure what they get paid but I'll make sure you get an application. Thanks for your interest!