Sunday, May 14, 2006

MCAD Graduation tonight

So the Minneapolis College of Art and Design has unleashed another batch of creatives out into the world to be eaten alive by reality. Part of their graduation preparation is the Senior Show, which is a large gallery exhibition of their work. The senior shows are really fun to go to, though less full of surprises than I hope. The really good students always make themselves known to the world before they graduate...Or maybe on the night of their graduation..with help form this blog post.

Aside from Jon White, who works with us and you already know, you'll want to keep an eye on these guys:

Eric Carlson- At last year's MCAD art sale, his work seemed to be the prize for the people I ran into. Designers I know have been "collecting" Eric Carlson art for years...which I thought was he's still a student...until I saw it.

Milky PopYou can already buy Megan's stuff in stores like Robot Love, but now that she has all the time in the world...she will cover said world with excellent clothing and accessories.

Sara LitnerIf Sara's business skills are anywhere near her design skills she'll outlive being "Aesthetic Apparatus' first employee" and become THE Sara Litner.

Julia Vickermanwill move off to Hollywood and all of you can say..."I looked at Julia Vickerman's website before she was famous." She's a terrific animator/artist and has a charisma/humility mix that will have her rising through the ranks of wherever she lands.


Anonymous said...

I have some of Erics art from when he was two! He was good then, so I know great things are ahead

Congratulations to the MCAD grads

E T C said...

thanks mom

Anonymous said...

holla! thanks bta and best friend Shad, unfortunately I spells me name lintner. but i heart you anyway.

Shad said...

I sabotage people's names all the time in retaliation for everyone calling me Chad.

Anonymous said...

Wha...we have people we talk abouts Mom's on here now too?

Big Time Attic: Mother Approved.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I get disapproved by BTA a lot. ;-) But I have art drawn by Shad when he was a bitty wee thing too.

Anonymous said...

i call you shad. jon calls you chad. and he does it behind your back. I know, shocking.

-sara lintner, bff

Anonymous said...

I call him "honey." So does Kevin.