Monday, May 22, 2006

The Most Shamelessly Self-Indulgent Post Ever!

So, after a two-month absence from the company blog, effectively shutting myself off from the virtual side of things so that I could use the flimsy excuses of "graduating" and "senior projects" to squirrel away from life, what's the most tactful and apologetic way for me to re-emerge into the light of the social, interpersonal blog? Right! A post that completely and shamelessly showcases me! That said -- again, with the full disclosure that it's admittedly a blatant ploy for personal recognition -- I thought I'd share a streaming video of the MCAD Commencement Speech I gave last weekend.

Next post, I'll be back to the non-Jon side of BTA, I swear. Just had to shake this one off.


anonymous said...

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Jesse said...

OH yeah, you graduated. Hott-diggitty!!

Jatin Sethi said...

happy valentines day boyfriend