Monday, May 15, 2006

A very special M3B

My first fan art evar!!!!21LOL!

Seriously, though, awesome toonin' from one of BTA's own Three Bosses!


Anonymous said...

Why is Kevin standing in the corner?

Anonymous said...

no no no.
max would be like Rick Moranis when he became a ghostbuster in 'ghostbusters 2'.

awful awful ghostbusters 2.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Danno! What was the character's name though?


hell yeah!...your totally like louis tully...but i dont agree that ghostbusters 2 is all that awful,it's not what the first one is, but after whatching it again recently with my kids, i'd say it's got alot going for it...compared to whats at the movies now.

Max Konrardy said...

yeah, i'm way more geeky than my lack of trivial knowledge would otherwise indicate ... but i could only dream of being as sharply dressed as Louis.

but I am with Sean: Ghostbusters 2 was not so bad. especially compared to Evolution, which supposedly had much of the same creative influence behind it.

er ... sorry, now i'm off topic.

max bad.

Anonymous said...


BTA should TOTALLY get the rights to the GHOSTBUSTERS!!!
Put DEAD DOG in their place thinking they're all high and mighty with their NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD comics.