Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Zander, Shad, and Kevin go to San Diego Comicon!

BTA founders and despotic demibosses Zander Cannon, Shad Petosky, and Kevin Cannon will be on hand at the San Diego Convention Center from Wednesday night to Sunday this week for the San Diego Comicon (aka Comicon International). We'll be set up in Artists Alley, next to Gene Ha (one of our partners in comic book crime), number II-12. Come by to buy comics, get comics signed, buy original artwork from comics, have us look at your comics, and draw comics with us via Nintendo DS Pictochat! Comics, comics, comics!

One new thing for any Replacement God fans out there is that we've been archiving pages from the Image issues (1-3, so far) and so the original artwork from those books (main story only, so far) will be available for the first time! Anyone with a fat wallet and a working alarm clock could have an uninterrupted sequence if desired!

So see you all there! It's time for nerd prom again!

The lads at BTA


Brittney Sabo said...

god speed, you black emporers!

Anonymous said...

Is Gene making chicken?