Tuesday, September 18, 2007

'Bone Sharps' Voted SEXIEST Non-Fiction Graphic Novel...

... thanks to last week's cameo in HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me," a drama already famous for being extremely sexually explicit. Well, now you have another reason to watch. I haven't seen the pilot myself, but apparently David (Tim DeKay) reads Bone Sharps, Cowboys and Thunder Lizards (Big Time Attic's first graphic novel) to his son in one scene. The son, one assumes, is enthralled.

Zander and Shad and I have known about this cameo for two years, ever since Jim Ottaviani (the author and publisher of Bone Sharps) emailed us this jpeg:

This was back when the show was called "SexLife." I'm not sure exactly who shot the photo -- if I remember correctly an HBO executive emailed the photo to Jim to get the rights to show the book. I'd love to know how the propmaster chose the book (besides the obvious: the gorgeous cover by Mark Schultz).

Here is a detail of the photo that has undergone hi-tech image processing in order to make the book stand out:

And if you needed ONE MORE reason to watch the show, Penny from LOST is one of the main characters. Penny, may you find Desmond in the South Pacific and also patch up your marital problems back in the States...

If anyone has screencaps from the actual show, please send them our way!


Shad said...

TWO YEARS!! With all this TV stuff, one of us really needs to get cable.

Donn Ha said...

Too cool.

Anonymous said...

Could I buy your comics in a store near or in the twin cities?

Kevin Cannon said...


Big Brain Comics
1027 Washington Ave S. (downtown Minneapolis)

DreamHaven Books
912 West Lake Street (uptown Minneapolis)

The Source
1601 W. Larpenteur Ave (St. Paul)

BuyCasinoAds said...

I stay away from the sex stuff on TV. Religion reason.

Blogfoot said...

Penny gives a prosthetic honker a good shaking in episode 1.

Maxeem said...

come on guys, anyone can fake a photo like that. next you'll tell me you were 'abducted' by Michelle Borth and subjected to terrifyingly pleasant experiments.