Friday, September 07, 2007

Desert Bayou

Our friend Tom Lemmer recently wrapped up production on the film Desert Bayou, which he wrote. From the website:
"In the wake of one of the worst natural and humanitarian disasters ever to visit American shores, nearly 600 African Americans were airlifted to the almost entirely white state of Utah…Desert Bayou, a documentary about Hurricane Katrina, seeks to examine whether two cultures can come together in a time of utter chaos, or whether their differences prove too great a challenge to overcome."

Opening dates:
October 5th: New York, New Orleans
October 19th: Los Angeles, Chicago, Salt Lake City
November 2nd: Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta

Congrats, Tom. Can't wait to see it. Hopefully the film will come around to Minneapolis before too long...

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for spreading the word. I'll keep you posted on the screens.

Hope all is well,