Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eric Lappegard Tribute Photos

Here are a couple of shots from the big auction/raffle/art show at Altered Esthetics last week.

The best moment of the whole show was during the raffle when a 5 year old girl won the long board that Tim was gunning for. She'd better become the next Tony Hawk or Tim will be pissed.

Here's the general layout: Art from "Alley Cat" on the right (up for auction), raffle items on the table in the middle, and a huge wall of Eric's artwork on the left.

Kriske manning the cash box.

Danno and Drivas giving a friendly one-fingered salute.

The Roe Family Singers entertaining the crowd.

Zander and Tim, mad that they didn't win a tattoo in the raffle.


Anonymous said...

Forgive me for this, but : "Rock the Cash-Box! Rock the Cash-Box! Shout Kriskeeeeee all night, yeah! Rock the Cash-Box! Rock the Cash-Box!"

Yep, I'm just that cool.


Donn Ha said...

I shoulda been there playing broom.

staplegenius said...

Technically Clara, the girl who won the skateboard, is 8 and not 5.
Shes just short.
...and now she'll cry herself to sleep for a month.

tim sievert said...

cry herself to sleep huh, sounds great!