Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MIX Sponsorship Map

As you're well aware, I'll jump at any chance to draw a goofy map of the Twin Cities, so fortunately Sarah Morean didn't roll her eyes too hard when I pitched the idea of drawing a map of all the sponsors of the Minneapolis Indie Xpo. So here is the finished product!

This map will be printed on the back of the catalog, so go to MIX early on Saturday morning and get a hard copy for yourself. The first 500 attendees will also get a free MIX ballpoint pen so you can fill out the scavenger hunt game on the bottom there.

Speaking of MIX, I am also sponsoring two celebrity cartoonist panels that you should attend on Saturday and Sunday. They involve Pizza Island star Sarah Glidden and local digital guru Gordon McAlpin. Full details on the Nordeast Comics site. See you there!

MIX is a little over a week away! November 5 & 6 at the Soap Factory.


ERW said...

Is that a typeface or hand-lettering on the map? Love it!

Kevin Cannon said...

Thanks! The lettering in the MIA bit on the lower right is a font, but the map lettering is hand-written.