Friday, February 24, 2006

Big Time Challenge #01

Ahoy there, kids! To celebrate the beginning of what's sure to be a lovely weekend, today kicks off the first installment of the super-exciting Big Time Challenge! For all those out there who really feel like you've honed your BTA chops, this will be your chance to certifiably prove it. Whoever can successfully nail each of these every-Friday challenges (without cheating) can lawfully deem him- or her-self a genuine Big Time Attic Super Fan. (Runners-up can call themselves Big Time Attic Deputy Fans, and so on in descending order.) Anyway, on to the first week's trivia challenge!

While we all know that this hotbed of creative professionals is stationed in the Twin Cities, not all of us know about the veritable tapestry of geographic backgrounds that comprise BTA. In fact, mere months before that wacky train we call "destiny" chugged along its way toward BTA's birth, one of us wasn't even living on the continent! Using the chart below, match the BTA crewmember to where he was living within a few years prior to his joining the Big Time family.


Shad said...

Jon, your position of "Educational New Media Designer" might just work out.

Kevin Cannon said...

Federal Way is a sweet name.

Jesse said...

OOoooh, I think I know atleast 2 of them. Jon Being Federal Way, and Zander being Japan.

I predict Tim was davenport, Max was Florence and Kevin was NY. But this is most likely atleast partially erroneous. I am, however, quite comfortable with this option.

DO I win anything? Perhaps fond memories or good intentions?

Jon White said...

Sha-zam! Excellently done, Jesse. You win not only genuinely fond memories and sincerely warm intentions, but I also award you with a deliciously brittle and rock-hard D'Alassantro cookie. (Virtually, though.) Love the Yeti, BTW.

Anonymous said...

BTA is latitude challenged.

Matt Schuster said...

I was really hoping this was a little Flash game, click and drag the BTA heads around the globe. Oh well.