Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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Happy birthday to Brett VonSchlosser. Congratulations! Con-grat-u-lations!

Everything is going pretty great here at the BTA, we got new mats so our chairs don't scratch the new floor, and some new paint so we feel a lot more important.


Max Konrardy said...

I heard public aging is a crime in Indiana.

Shad Petosky said...


Anonymous said...

GAbba, Gabba, Hey Bret

Jon White said...

S is for scholastic aptitude, which Brett showed at MCAD
C is for well-coiffed, which his hair awesomely is
H is for Human Torso, the greatest hero ever
L is for X-Men Legends, which Brett can beat anyone at
O is for octopi, which Brett draws very well
S is for super lucky, which I am to work with Brett
S is for sixteen, which Brett turned on this day several years ago

Happy birthday, chief!