Monday, February 06, 2006


We can now join our designer brethren and sisterhood with these!

FLASH 8! The modern equivalent of such popular computer programs as "Flash", "Flash 4", and "Flash MX" we can now do such spectacular effects as "tweening" and have a powerful tool called the "key frame" which is rapidly becoming industry standard.

With these important updates to the software at Big Time Attic, we are sure to make quick, successive strides of inordinate length to the future. When the new Lutefisk Sushi Volume B site opens in your Inter-net web browser, prepare to have your mouth drop open in instantly humbled lack of muscle tension.

The future is soon!


Shad Petosky said...

Max has flair, when we got the box all I kept thinking was "the new phone books are here!, the new phone books are here!"

Shad's Mom said...

Sooooo, BTA is celebrating being high-tech flashers? Is that legal?