Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Bloggers.

Well shucks, if you're paying attention to the "Contributors" section at the right you're going to see a few names pop up there over the next few weeks. You should know Max Konrardy already, he was our first intern and first employee. Max took over my duties as animation lead, but is a terrific cartoonist with a degree in comics and clever programmer too.

Tim Sievert has also popped up there. Tim is a talented and versatile cartoonist and printmaker who we're thrilled to have join BTA...Wednesday. Everyone will know who Tim is when his first Graphic Novel "That Salty Air" is published by Top Shelf Comix later this year.

Illustrator Brittney Sabo has also promised to blog on the history and habits of our Burger Time machine. While finishing her illustration degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Brittney works on BTA's first children's picture book and has thrown down on some of our commercial projects. Her first published comic illustration was in Issue #2 of Brian Wood/Ryan Kelly's "Local."

Jon White's name should show up there when his two weeks notice to the eLearning company he's working for is over. Jon's dual degree in design and comics and passion for educational online projects will help push some of the new media goals of BTA. I don't know if we actually have goals, but we sure like the Internet.

Welcome these guys if you get a chance, we didn't know that BTA was going to get bigger...but it did. Neat.

You can tell who's posting by the little grey box at the bottom. Maybe all of their Moms will start commenting too. (Kevin's Mom reads this but doesn't comment because her son gets embarrassed easily.)


Shad's Mom said...

So, you want me to make comments on Kevin too?

Welcome to BTA, all you new peoples!

Are you back in the office now? Are you going to have to get another Burger Time Machine?

Shad Petosky said...

Mom, Tim's family lives in your town. Neat huh.

Zander's Mom said...

Embarrassing my son never stopped me from doing much of anything....nor did it ever stop him! We think that BTA is wonderful and that there is no limit to your creativity or success. Bravo BTA! Welcome fledgling attic dwellers!

Shad Petosky said...

We're going to be even more successful if we can expand this blog readership out beyond Moms...

We're focusing on a huge marketing campaign to Aunts.

Shad's Mom said...

It is very that Tim's family lives in the QC. What town exactly? Can he talk you all into moving down here? How many aunts does he have?




Aren't our kidlets WONDERFUL???

-j said...

So does that mean I have to stop reading your blog, being that I'm neither mother nor aunt?


kevin said...

The QC. I like that.

Anna said...

Oh, come on. Your moms aren't the only ones who read. Your wives do, too.

Shad Petosky said...

Moms, wives, and a couple hundred other people each day.

Silent majority...hey to you!