Thursday, February 09, 2006

You will catch me rolling around...

We are all worn out, but the ol' headquarters are back in order today after getting a new floor!

The floor we had this morning crumbled and broke under our chairs...and was very dusty:

The floor we have tonight is beautiful and clean (Tim is also clean):



Shad's Mom said...

Did you all have to put the floor in or did your landlord do it?

If you did it, I need BTA to come visit me. I need a new floor in the attic. Oh, did I tell you that above the nasty 7.5 foot cracked plaster ceiling we found a great 10 foot flat cove ceiling?? It looks wonderful!

Shad, the porch may be saved simply because I ran out of money. Don't celebrate yet though. Cheers, yo' momma

Max Konrardy said...

Tim is actually filthy, but in this picture, the distance gives the illusion of hygene.

Oh, wait ... that's pictures of me.

Shad Petosky said... didn't do the floor. The guys who built Action City came down to do it.

They wanted to put in a mini-golf course but we settled on pergo.

Shad's Mom said...

I think a mini golf course in the attic (either mine or yours) would be neat. Draw it up darlin'!