Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cartoonist Conspiracy at Diamonds!

After three years of first Thursdays at the Spyhouse Coffee Shop, the Cartoonist Conspiracy jams got a little too big for their baristas. (It usually draws around 30 participants.)

No problem! Diamonds Coffee Shop in North East Minneapolis was happy to take us in and has been a TERRIFIC host. As a bonus for us, Diamonds is located in the Thorpe building right below Big Time Attic.

The first Thursday of the month is also open-studio day at the Thorpe Building. We're happy to join in this tradition and welcome anyone who's interested to stop in and page through our original art, play Burger Time, or just see what's up. There is a map to our space as you walk into the front door at Diamonds.

A boatload of cartoonists downstairs, live music (often), and a bunch of open studios...first Thursday of every month....mark your calendars already.

Cartoonin' in Diamond's "Bunker" room.

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