Saturday, February 11, 2006

Warren Buffett: An Animated Fellow.

Warren Buffett, the man who turned Grinnell College's $30 savings account into a billion dollar endowment, is going to lend his financial expertise to children. Buffett will star in an animated DVD series called "The Secret Millionaire's Club," produced by the world's most inappropriately-named children's television production company, DIC. Topics are likely to include "Climbing the Social Jungle Gym Ladder," "The Art of Naptime Politics," and "Social and Economic Reasons Why Your School Bully Will Be Pumping Your Gas in Ten Years."

Here is the alluring Buffett in modern cartoon form:

Fans of Buffett will no doubt remember his brief appearance in the second episode of Johnny Cavalier:

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Yahoo! News


Shad Petosky said...

We should get the rights to a comic book spin-off. Warren Buffet could drive a lincoln town car around the country to wooo Kevin's old girlfriends.

He could also bankrupt our enemies.

Do we have enemies?

kevin said...

More enemies than ex-girlfriends, let's put it that way.

Max Konrardy said...

There's an ANNOTATED johnny cavalier?! Why was I not informed of this? Now I'll never sleep!

Dodd said...

Buffet recently bought a stake in Wal*Mart. Booooooooooooo!

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