Friday, April 04, 2008

Attic Watching T-Pain Watching PUNY

This is famed rapper T-Pain watching himself in the hilarious short film "Akon Calls T-Pain" that was animated by our sister company PUNY Entertainment.

I watched this video in the PUNY studio a few nights ago and cracked up during the whole thing even though I had never heard of Akon or T-Pain before. Yeah, I'm more of a Vic Chesnutt guy these days. Anyway, here's the short. Crank up your speakers:


Ryan Dow said...

Just what is a "butternut reduction" anyway?

Bud Burgy said...

until snpp[ dogg made an appearence. He's not an innovator... he's an imitator. Go Dre! And Cube! FUck Snoop!!

Abby said...

"Best shit on earth!" True that...yo.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get the phrase "butternut reduction" out of my mind. That was SO funny. Great work.