Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Diego 2009 Scrapbook

Zander and I just returned from a rousing trip to America's largest comic book convention. Zander's weekend was filled with panel lectures and book signings for DC and Wildstorm, while I was given the star treatment by the nation's finest publisher, Top Shelf Productions. Below are some photos from the trip. Many, I have to admit, are stolen from Shad Petosky's facebook page. So thanks in advance, Shad.

The Minnesota section of Artist Alley: Zander Cannon, Peter Gross, and Ryan Kelly.

Zander had several signings over the course of the weekend. This one is at the Wildstorm nook.

Not sure exactly what he's sketching here, but I'm going to guess it's a smoldering version of Mazikeen.

I spent most of the time behind the Top Shelf table, where I got to geek out and meet some of the most talented men in the industry like Jeffrey Brown, Matt Kindt, Nate Powell, Rob Venditti, Brett Weldele, Andy Runton, Jeff Lemire, Charlie LaGreca, and Phil Jackson. And the Top Shelf brass was there as well: Chris Staros, Brett Warnock, and Leigh Walton!

Nate Powell and I have a good old fashioned sign-off.

Just some guys chillin' by a fountain.

One thing I noticed this year is that fewer and fewer people had theme sketchbooks. Most sketchbooks were themeless and open season (the ones handed to me, anyway). Here's an exception: a Kill Bill sketchbook. I hated the movie but I like drawing Uma Thurman.

Matt Kindt (Super Spy) and Charlie LaGreca (Indie Spinner Rack) share a tender moment.

I wants that trophy.

Nate Eisner-Winner Powell discusses a salient issue with Brett Warnock. On Friday night Nate won best graphic novel for Swallow Me Whole.

Chris Staros surrounded by the floating heads of Bruce Willis. Or are those Bruce Willis' surrogates?

Beard patrol.

I had dinner on Friday with Shad, Tony Christopherson, and BTA alum Julia Vickerman.

Oni Press threw a great rooftop party at Petco Stadium on Friday night. Here, Shad and I take a break from celebrity stalking to chat with Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett.

Peter Gross, probably also working on a sketch of Mazikeen.

My first panel! Chris Staros and Leigh Walton talked about the history of Top Shelf, while Nate Powell, Rob Venditti, Brett Weldele, and I talked about our new books.

...and the belle of the ball, as she is every year, the Star of India.


Doc Pop said...

I had no idea that Far Ardeen came out in hardback. Shows what I know, huh?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, looks like you had a lot of fun, for a change. Nate's expression in the 'Eisner' photo is priceless.

Daniel Olson said...

Okay, that last comment was mine. I have a new keyboard at work and can't get used to it. My bad.

Kevin Cannon said...

Shoot, every time we get an "anonymous" poster I like to assume it's the mayor.

... and yeah, this year's con was definitely a sea change from the last three.

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