Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthday Pondering

Typically on my own birthday (Jan. 30), I spend a few moments trying to deduce whether I've got something in common with the past notables who share that day. Lately, I've feared it's impossible. I have neither the the tenacity of Franklin Roosevelt, the stern focus of Gene Hackman, nor the artistic vision of Phil Collins. But on the birthday of BTA, I've taken up the challenge again. I know there's something that can be threaded together between our fellow August-eleventhers, and that can shed light on our own destiny and traits as a company.

I'll keep working at it, but I'm sure we share something with Chadian independence, Hulk, the Ramones' third drummer, and Jim Lee. I think I'm close.


Brittney Sabo said...

Jon White, this is damn ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chad is Shad right? Kevin is the quiet Hulk Hogan of comics, and Zander is our Jim Lee ... uh ... of comics?

And the Ramones' third drummer represents our three studios in the Thorp building! Yeahh!!

Gene Ha said...

Jon, I'm so happy you don't write music like Phil Collins!