Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Zander, Kevin, and Britt go to Wizard World Chicago!

That's right! Tomorrow, Kevin, Zander, and Britt will cram themselves into Kevin's Saturn and head on down ol' highway 94 to the Windy City (or, rather, the Boring Tech Center in the Nondescript Suburb of the Windy City) to peddle their wares at Wizard World Chicago '06! And what better fuel on the night before the show than eating pancakes and watching V for Vendetta with Gene and Donn Ha? None, I tell you.

I'll now dispense with the third person and mention that we are getting an early start tomorrow, because driving to Chicago from Minneapolis has two halves: the half that involves 6 hours, give or take, of driving across Wisconsin, and the half that involves 2 hours, give or take, of driving the last 2 miles in horrendous Chicago traffic and finding a parking space. Dear God, it's awful.

And there is no way in the world that I'm missing episode 2 of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? This show is the freaking best. The main reason I'm watching it is that Feedback is my friend from college, but the truth of it is-- the show is really fun to watch. I mean, they get mauled by dogs in this episode! If you think I am going to miss people dressed in superhero suits who are then dressed in attack-dog protective gear trying to get across a backyard to supposedly help an old lady while being bitten, scratched, and dragged around by two attack dogs, you must be out of your mind.

So, also, if you're keeping track, this Wizard World show is a scant two weeks after San Diego. Two huge comics shows in three weekends. Although I love seeing all my comics homies, my general sentiment is this: no thank you very much. There used to be a nice comfy month between these shows and you could catch your breath. Now my wife Joolie has to hang out with the other comic-book widows.

San Diego was fun, as usual, although this was the first time that I was at the Preview Night on Wednesday night. And by Preview Night, I mean the first day of the show. Four days is a long enough time to be out on the floor, shaking hands and being awesome, without adding a fifth day at the beginning so that you can get that feeling of desperation before the thing even gets going. I was doing a sketch on the first night, and my back was getting a little sore from leaning over the sketchbook, and I had that sort-of sense memory from years past that said, "this show's starting to wear me down" when I suddenly realized that the show hadn't even started! I had four full days left. So I blew off the sketch (for a little while), got up and bought some comics and action figures and felt a whole lot better.

So come on over to Artist's Alley at Wizard World Chicago and hang with us cool guys. I don't know what booth we're at, but they're all in the same room, so this year we don't have to worry about people being stuck in the annex for the elderly and the infirm.

See you there!

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Donn Ha said...

Big Time Attic are, as always, the best of guests. Next year we're going with combo sammiches and fries (combo means both Italian beef and Italian sausage).