Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ladder Meeting

Well, as with most Tuesdays, we had another meeting about the ladder. I guess in the end it was productive, but I really don't see why it needs to come up so often.

Zander calls the meeting to order by approaching the company ladder.

Zander reviews the minutes from the last meeting, and asks for any new issues.

Max and Julia seem optimistic about the ladder's 2007 prospects.

Brit and Tim seem skeptical about the ladder's features. Steve places a ladder-related call.

I made a pretty awkward suggestion about the ladder, and received a disappointed reaction from all three bosses.


Jesse said...

I could have used a ladder a couple weeks ago. Instead I stood on a box. It made me feel kind of dirty.

Anonymous said...

In photo 1..there are a lot of wires leading to the back of Jon White's chair. What are those wires for? Wires wouldn't be leading to the back of the chair of a human being.

Anonymous said...

Who is Steve and why weren't the wires hooked to Max's chair?

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, the last message should read from "Shad's Mom." But Shad might have said this....

Anonymous said...

Wait a that MY ladder?