Friday, August 04, 2006

Wizard World 2006 - Donn Ha's Pancake-a-thon and Day01

Well, here we are at Wizard World Chicago, in the year of 2006. We had a grande ole' time last night staying at BTA's friend, Donn Ha's, house. We had pancakes and watched V for Vendetta and it was all pretty neat. The drive down wasn't too bad either, and traffic was mild, and spirits were high as evident in these pictures.

Kevin Drives with a purpose, but without caution.

Zander shows how pumped he is for Wizard World. Whoa Z, save that excitement for carrying boxes to the convention table!

Donn Ha's cat, the most adorable little muffin face in the whoooooooooole world!

I manned the table for a while at the convention, and drew a bit, but not anything below the shoulders, since I never made it that far in my 'It's Fun To Draw People!' book.

Some dudes who walked by.

I WISH this dude was at the con.

I asked Zander for a sketch, then he said it would be 5 dollars or fisticuffs. Then I asked if it could be of a unicorn, and he got this dewy-eyed look and broke down and did it. But then it was just captain America, so I think he forgot about the unicorn....or did he?!? Is that a horn?!

More pics this weekend!


Donn Ha said...

Since this was only the second time we met I'm willing to not raise a fuss, but it's Donn with two N's. Why two N's? I have no idea no one ever explained it to me, but it does give me an extra letter of difference with Don Ho. As always, having you guys over was one of the most fun days of the year. I was at Gene's today and can attest to the fact that he's actually trying to get some interior work done.

Shad said...

Awwww look at the little minky Fergus.

Does he still jump up on people's shoulders?

Brit...don't forget that you have 55 illustrations due on Monday!

Donn Ha said...

Little? He grew to 16 pounds since last you saw him. He scales me to get on my shoulders when he has a panic attack.

Brit, you heard the man, get cracking!

Jon White said...

Oh man, the sketches of people walking by are relevatory...had I known both Jesus and "Stargate"-era James Spader would be there, I totally would have gone.

Donn Ha said...

I see the post has been corrected. I was at the low point of my mood swing but that perked me up a little bit. Now to go drink some whiskey and sing myself gently into a stupor.

Also I'll have to figure out a way, while in my drunken stupor, to own some Brit work to put up on my wall.

Gene Ha said...

Best Captain America sketch ever.

Wait, this is a comics blog:
"Best. Captain. America. Sketch. Evehr."

Kevin Cannon said...

Is Capt. America thinking about a carrot? OR... is a unicorn sneaking up behind him in the mist?