Monday, August 21, 2006

Candy-shelled acknowledgement

This little My Three Bosses is brought to you by many things that keep our great society flourishing! Thanks, those things!


Kevin Cannon said...

Wha .... ? Is this, like, an episode of "one piece" or something?

Donn Ha said...


Anonymous said...

His neglected love of comics by BTA--his SLAVERY into web animation--a crime which the elephant eaters shall one day avenge!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is "My Three Bosses" about Max now?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't having the word 'MY' in the title IMPLY that the strip is about the 3 bosses and the person(max) whom they are the boss of?
So if it were just about Shad, Kevin, and Zander it would be called 'THE 3 Bosses'.
What confuses me is Maxs stalker-like obsession with Tim.

Integrity Matters said...

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