Monday, March 27, 2006

Big Time Challenge #04

Good morning, cadets! While today's challenge is, uh, technically about 48 hours late, we're going to let that sliiiide right by and dive in to the brain-thumpin' action! In celebration of this past weekend's social-event-of-the-season Lutefisk Sushi opening, I've assembled a miniature excerpt from the minicomics submitted by Tim, Zander, Max, Shad, Jon, and Brit -- the only problem is, I've forgotten who drew which! Can you help me out by identifying the BTA "hand"iwork behind the following scans? (P.S.: Plowing back through your own stash of Lutefisk minicomics counts as cheating.)


Shad said...


Anonymous said...

shad, zander, brit, jon, me, tim?

Jon White said...

Excellent work, comrade! I award ten points. But only ten!

Matt Schuler said...

bah! Max beat me to it!
although I totally knew jon's was in the bottom left hand corner! But do you know where mine is?


Anonymous said...

Do we really have to guess where Matt's hand is? Or was? Does that change the rating on this blog to "E" for EEEWWWWHHHHH?