Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It arrives, late but nearly intact!

Sorry for the delay to anyone who was depending on 'My 3 Bosses' to tickle their funny-bone monday morning. I was out of town and decided to make the cartoon last night when, unfortunately, servers were having some struggles.


brett von schlosser said...

what a chilling vision of things to come. when will tim turn into a black guy? when will max get a hair cut like egon in the ghostbusters cartoon?

Jon White said...

Yowza! I'm ordained in the future!

Kevin Cannon said...

Thank God there's still Christmas in the future.

Shad said...

I'm sure the Prozac is for an off-panel adult woman.

Anonymous said...

Like your mama....

Matt Schuler said...

This is pretty funny Max. I feel depleted that I did not get any MRAD medal and join any clubs....

bah! MRAD wasted my life and now takes all my money!!!
My life is but a curse.


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