Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lutefisk Sushi B Photos

I sort of dropped the ball on the photos/video parade. The show was packed and it wasn't until the crowd thinned out a bit that I could move around enough to raise the camera to my face.

Click for larger version.

Zander and Julie Cannon, Baron Von Schlosser, and Jon White.

Cartoonists Mike Toft, Adam Wirtzfeld, Danno! (is it Dank now?), Sean Tenhoff, and Chole.

Animator/Cartoonist Max Konrardy and Zinester Sierra Fern.

Film Editor JoLynn Garnes and Rogue Taxidermist Scott Bibus.

Cartoonist Tim Sievert and Pa Sievert.

Cartoonist Sam and Romina Hiti.

Steve, Leigh Anne, and little Esther Stwalley.

Robotics artist-programmer Jesse Hemminger and Pilotvibe Dave Schroeder.


Max Konrardy said...

Little Esther is looking a little devilish! ... Way to get in the mood of the party!

Avidor said...

Great photos.

Great opening.


if you look closely at the picture with danno & me, you can see the beer i spilled on his sweater.

annum natalem said...

The show was excellent. My date was one of the people included in the box set. Michael Furious... he's the one that did Hard Brew.

Me? I'm just a reviewer, ex-DreamHaven employee, and totally impressed with the show.

Jacked my knee good coming down from the Smut Hut too. Usually only get physically injured during rock shows. Lutefisk Sushi was something else!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I bought the opening page from Michael Furious' book.
Cant wait to have it up in our house with our other sushi booty.

Anonymous said...

i like that i'm called a zinester :)
the show was soo great!

Unknown said...

Damn, I look HOT.

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