Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fancy Smancy part II

Minnesota Monthly magazine has taken a break from its classier fare to do an article on the International Cartoonist Conspiracy that features some Big Time Attic and Zander Cannon and Shad Petrovsky and comics and minneapolis (welcome mm readers and google searchers!)


Anonymous said...

...and the star tribune?

Anonymous said...

wow! she took my long rant and turned it into something that sounds smart... I love this lady


Anonymous said...


Dan "Danno" Oschendorfefer here.
(though i know you guys just call me 'staplegenius')

I swear to god, the way she MISspelled my last OLD last name, since its now a different easy-to-misspell word..
is the EXACT same way Anna Pratt misspelled it last year. And i never gave MMonthly girl my name.
So GOOGLE passes as research nowadays. A close second behind WIKIPEDIA, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

otherwise though, it was a cute article.

Shad said...

Mine was spelled Petrovsky in a Comic Book Resources interview...but nowhere else. Usually it's Petoski, Petoskey or Petrosky.

We tossed the idea around of my changing my name to Cannon and being called "The Cannon Brothers" early on...

To give credit they did call the Attic to fact check wether or not Zander actually dipped his hand in ice water.

And news is bad news...THANKS MINNESOTA MONTHLY.

Shad said...

Man...I need a proofreader too.