Thursday, March 23, 2006

Big Time Attic Halo 3 Illustration in this month's Game Informer!

Thought we might not be nerds? Or more likely, thought we might limit our nerdiness to comic books? FAT CHANCE! Game Informer, a highly-respected video game magazine (as video game magazines go) located here in glorious Minneapolis, asked us here at BTA to draw a parody of what people are expecting out of the hotly anticipated video game "Halo 3". Let's not name names, but one of our members thought drawing the Master Chief astride a unicorn wearing rocket roller skates and firing a speargun while being chased by gangsters in a Formula One car sounded like... just possibly... the single greatest assignment that he had ever heard. Above is the cover to "Game Infarcer", the parody magazine-within-a-magazine that appears in every April issue.

It's on the stands now! Run, don't walk, to your nearest magazine retailer and demand it!


Donn Ha said...

Wow! I'm excited. Halo is lonely without el escorpio...

Shad said...


Anonymous said...

my god this is the most awesome thing i have ever seen.

i must know more about this. who drew it, is it all computer? or was it inked outside the computer.

inquireing minds want to know.

i can see britts ghost's in the background...her and her ghosts.

Unknown said...

The black and white artwork was all done on paper (with a few touchups done on a blueline printout), then colored in photoshop. The nerdy nerd who drew it is yours truly.

Oh, and I just played Halo 2 against doodlehead up there and he whipped me good.

Anonymous said...

halo is such an awesome game. but i think your vision of it could make microsoft MILLIONS.

Anonymous said...

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Andy Forbes said...

You know, I think this guy should've put The Case For Christ, by Lee Strobel, in the picture; I think it's pretty good proof for God.

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